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Zhejiang MSD New Material Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang MSD New Material Co.,Ltd

China Member Since: 23 Sep, 2017
No.11, Hongqi Road,haining city,Zhejiang province,China Zhejiang, Haining, China
Alan Lin

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private limited

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Haining, China

Main Products

PVC tarpaulin for inflatable boat and tent, drop stitch fabric for SUP board

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About Zhejiang MSD New Material Co.,Ltd

With 25 production lines for now, we can able to supply PVC fabric as customer wants. We are located in Haining City, Zhejiang Province,China. With 18 years experience of producing PVC productions, we are looking forwarder to your inquiry to talk more.


650 1000D 23X23 PVC Tarpaulin For Tent
$1.5USD / Square Meters
6000sqmt Square Meters (Min. Order)
PVC Tarpaulin For Inflatable Boat
$2.14 / Square Meters
4000sqmt Square Meters (Min. Order)
PVC Tarpaulin For Cover
$0.5 / Square Meters
1 Square Meters (Min. Order)
Drop Stitch For SUP Board
$12.5 / Square Meters
500m Square Meters (Min. Order)

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