Vietnam Member Since: 20 Jul, 2018
Main Financial Avenue Ha Noi, Hanoi, Vietnam

Nature of Business


Legal Status of Firm

Private Limited

Year of Establishment


Annual Turnover

Approx 2 Million US Dollar

About Tygico

Tygico is a well-established Exporter and Buying HouseExporter firm situated in Main Financial Avenue,, Hanoi,, Ha Noi, Vietnam. The company was launched in 2005, with an aim to provide top quality Stainless Steel Round Bar products to all over the world. Tygico is located in the Main Financial Avenue,, and manufacturing different Steel Bars, Rods, Plates & Sheets items like stainless steel of all varieties. The organization is created as a Private Limited generating Approx 2 Million US Dollar. Having a capital of in the reserves, Tygico has .

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