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Suzhou PTC Optical Instrument  Co., Ltd

Suzhou PTC Optical Instrument Co., Ltd

China Member Since: 25 Dec, 2020
NO 189 , Zhangji Road , Economic Development Zone, Kunshan city , Jiangsu Province , China Jiangsu, Suzhou, China
Jesse Cheng

Business Nature


Legal Status

private limited

Year Established


Annual Turnover

20-30 Million USD


Suzhou, China

Main Products

Strain Viewer, Polariscope, Surface Stress Meter, AOI machine

Recent Transactions


Payment Terms

Cash, Bank wire (T/T)

About Suzhou PTC Optical Instrument Co., Ltd

PTC China is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of glass Surface Stress Meter , Polariscope , automatic Optical Inspection Equipment ( AOI ) and Vision Inspection System .

Products Groups

Polariscope Viewing Stress Distribution  In Transparent Glass,  Plastic And Crystaline  Meterial
The Polariscope ( Ref.PSV-202) has been designed to observe and analyze the internal stress of transparent glass and plastic products . Valued customers : Lock & Lock , Heraeus , Ferrotec  
$1-1800 / set
1 set (Min. Order)
4. Computerized Polariscope Stress Magnifier Measuring Stress Value In Glass And Crystal Products
 In the previous manual Senarmont method, the observer needs to determine the brightest point and the darkest point by their eyes, thus operation errors can not be prevented . This device automatically detects the image luminance, thereby finding the darkest point precisely . By inputting sample photoelastic constant and thickness in advance , the stress value will be calculated by the computer . In addition, Sensitive Color method is used to clearly define the direction of stress. 
$1-18000USD / set
1 set (Min. Order)
Hand-operated Quantative  Polariscope Measuring Glass Temper Grade
  Function Observe stress distribution in transparent plastic, glass products and optical crystals Measure retardation caused by internal stress in glass and optical crystals
$1-3800USD / set
1 set (Min. Order)
Strain Viewer Detecting Stress In Crystal , Lense And Prism
Different from common bench type Polariscope , this handheld Polariscope adopt seperating design , that means the analyzer and polarizer are movable . In this way , the net weight is almost reduced to half . This lightweight design make it more convenient to carry . The working space available within the unit enables a wide variety of components to be accommodated for hand held examination under polarizing light., such as fish tank.
$1-1800USD / set
1 set (Min. Order)
Automatic Surface Stress Meter Detecting Stress Value And Stress Depth In Chemically Tempered Glass
The surface stress meter ( Ref. ASM-200-FAP)measures surface stress of tempered glass and the depth of the stress layer according to photoelastic technology by letting light spread along the glass surface. This machine is equipped with a PC, which can reduce measurement errors caused by the operators . Moreover, it is more convenient for the management of testing data. Thickness Gauge is optional to improve the measurement efficiency.
$1-31000USD / set
1 set (Min. Order)

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