Canada Member Since: 18 Jul, 2018
Main Commercial Avenue Illinois, Ottawa, Canada

Nature of Business


Legal Status of Firm

Private Limited

Year of Establishment


Annual Turnover

Approx 2 Million US Dollar

About SubieDepot

An established Manufacturer and Buying HouseManufacturer organization, SubieDepot is making a big name in the market for supplying quality products to its valuable customers all over the world. Situated in the Main Commercial Avenue, in the Ottawa, of Illinois, Canada,SubieDepot is known for manufacturing top quality Brake Lining. With products like Interior Products, and different types of Brakes & Braking Systems products, the company is established as Private Limited earning Approx 2 Million US Dollar annually. The organization is affiliated with an Using an agent with a capital worth of an estimating US$50 Million. You can contact Sylvain for any kind of assistance and details.

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