Quartz All Sandal Wood Gifts Wrist Watches

Selling Price: USD 10 / Pieces
  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 30 Pieces
  • Production Capacity 800 Pieces
  • Primary Business Manufacturer
  • Shipment Port Shenzhen
  • Shipment Delivery Time 10 - 15 Working Days
  • Payment Methods Bank wire (T/T), Letter of Credit (L/C), Credit Card (CC), Western Union (WU)

Quartz All Sandal Wood Gifts Wrist Watches Details

Situated in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, Shenzhen Mingya Watches Co., Ltd. has emerged as the leading Manufacturer and Manufacturer of quartz all sandal wood gifts wrist watches and supplying Corporate Watch products in different parts of the world. Renowned for its best quality products, and efficient customer services, the organization is not just selling quartz all sandal wood gifts wrist watches, but also supply different Corporate Watch products like Sandal wood watches,Bamboo watches,Zebrawood watches,Mapple wood watches,Wood sunglasses. The maximum number of days it takes to deliver the products is 10 - 15 Working Days while the prices start from USD 10 per Pieces, and the minimum quantity for ordering quartz all sandal wood gifts wrist watches is around 30 Pieces. The available shipment port option is Shenzhen. The production volume of the company is 800 Pieces to be exact while assisting the customers with different freight options like Freight on Board (FOB),Carriage & Insurance Paid (CIP),Carriage Paid To (CPT),Delivered Duty Paid (DDP),Delivered at Frontier (DAF). The company also accepts payments in USD,AUD,CNY, etc. Apart from all of these services, Shenzhen Mingya Watches Co., Ltd. is also providing guidance and assistance for efficient payment solutions through Bank wire (T/T),Letter of Credit (L/C),Credit Card (CC),Western Union (WU), and many more.

Quartz All Sandal Wood Gifts Wrist Watches Features

Accuracy Standard Accuracy Preferences
Alarm Clock Numerous Alarm Clock Choices
Attachment Color Many Attachment Color Types
Attachment material Several Attachment material Options
Balance Spring Different Balance Spring Variations
Band Color Numerous Band Color Types
Band Colour Many Band Colour Range
Band width Different Band width Variations
Battery Level Indicator Several Battery Level Indicator Types
Battery Type Several Battery Type Choices
Bazel Material Multiple Bazel Material Preferences
Between Lugs Standard Between Lugs Varieties
Bezel Many Bezel Varieties
Bracelet Standard Bracelet Choices
Bracelet Material Numerous Bracelet Material Variations
Brand Several Brand Types
Break Resistance Many Break Resistance Choices
Buckle Many Buckle Varieties
Calender display Multiple Calender display Alternatives
Caliber Diameter Standard Caliber Diameter Options
Caliber No. Multiple Caliber No. Varieties
Calibre Several Calibre Choices
Case Numerous Case Choices
Case Color Different Case Color Types
Case Diameter Multiple Case Diameter Varieties
Case Finish Diverse Case Finish Alternatives
Case Material Various Case Material Choices
Case Shape Numerous Case Shape Range
Case size Multiple Case size Choices
Case thickness Standard Case thickness Variations
Case Type Many Case Type Variations
Category Luxury%28Premium%29
Certification Numerous Certification Options
Chronograph Standard Chronograph Variations
Clasp type Several Clasp type Options
Closure Multiple Closure Range
Collection Diverse Collection Options
Color Different Color Options
Compass Numerous Compass Varieties
Connectivity Type Various Connectivity Type Choices
Crown Several Crown Varieties
Crystal Various Crystal Variations
Customized Many Customized Options
Daily Alarm Standard Daily Alarm Types
Date Dial Working Various Date Dial Working Choices
Date Window Different Date Window Options
Day Window Numerous Day Window Types
Design Multiple Design Options
Dial Multiple Dial Choices
Dial color Diverse Dial color Options
Dial Marking Different Dial Marking Choices
Dial shape Oval
Dial Type Multiple Dial Type Options
Diameter Many Diameter Preferences
Diamond Type Diverse Diamond Type Types
Display Type Digital
Driving System Many Driving System Types
Dual Time Numerous Dual Time Variations
Features Multiple Features Choices
Function Various Function Range
Gender Women
Glass Numerous Glass Varieties
I deal in New Only
Indexes Various Indexes Preferences
LED Light Numerous LED Light Choices
Length Of Watch Band Standard Length Of Watch Band Varieties
Light display Many Light display Varieties
Lock Mechanism Multiple Lock Mechanism Alternatives
Lugs Multiple Lugs Range
Material Multiple Material Varieties
Max Loading Weight Different Max Loading Weight Alternatives
Model Numerous Model Variations
Movement Diverse Movement Alternatives
Multidial Working Different Multidial Working Choices
No Of Pieces Numerous No Of Pieces Preferences
Number Of Batteries Needed Different Number Of Batteries Needed Varieties
Occasion Multiple Occasion Varieties
Operating System Standard Operating System Varieties
Origin Several Origin Preferences
Oscillator Standard Oscillator Range
Oyster Architecture Various Oyster Architecture Preferences
Plate Diverse Plate Types
Power Reserve Many Power Reserve Variations
Purity Many Purity Preferences
Radio Frequency Various Radio Frequency Preferences
Reference Number Diverse Reference Number Options
Resistance Type Different Resistance Type Choices
Series Diverse Series Options
Signal Frequency Many Signal Frequency Alternatives
Size Different Size Preferences
Stock Different Stock Types
Stopwatch Different Stopwatch Preferences
Strap Several Strap Preferences
Strap Back Multiple Strap Back Options
Strap Color Other
Strap Colour Numerous Strap Colour Varieties
Strap Details Various Strap Details Variations
Strap Front Standard Strap Front Range
Strap Material Leather
Strap quality Leather
Strap Reference Numerous Strap Reference Options
Strap Reserve Standard Strap Reserve Range
Strap Type Diverse Strap Type Varieties
Tachymeter Multiple Tachymeter Alternatives
Thickness Standard Thickness Options
Tourbillion Several Tourbillion Types
Type of Watch Diverse Type of Watch Alternatives
Usage/Application Standard Usage/Application Preferences
Warranty Diverse Warranty Options
Watch Type Standard Watch Type Options
Water Resistance Depth Several Water Resistance Depth Varieties
Water Resistant Multiple Water Resistant Variations
Water resistant depth Various Water resistant depth Preferences
Waterproof Diverse Waterproof Variations
Weight Many Weight Alternatives
Winding Crown Several Winding Crown Varieties

About Shenzhen Mingya Watches Co., Ltd..

Manufacturer and Services of Sandal wood watches,Bamboo watches,Zebrawood watches,Mapple wood watches,Wood sunglasses, Quartz Wrist Watch, Shenzhen Mingya Watches Co., Ltd., was incorporated in 2016 with an investment of Approx 2 Million US Dollar. Having an export rate of almost 0.5 Million USD - 25% of Annual Revenue in recent times, Shenzhen Mingya Watches Co., Ltd. has been fortifying its network as a significant supplier of Quartz Wrist Watch products in different parts of the world. Shenzhen Mingya Watches Co., Ltd. has been operating since 2 year(s). The market share of Shenzhen Mingya Watches Co., Ltd. is approximately around Asia = 17% Europe = 10% Americas = 17% Middle East = 56%. However, Oceanic and European markets remain untouched, but the industry is planning to open its doors in the European and Oceanic market. Shenzhen Mingya Watches Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China and is a Limited Liability Company with Sole Individual Inv entity with Using an agent. The industry has been slowly making waves in the export world with its top-quality products and plans to tap some of the most significant markets in Oceania and Europe.

Primary Business Manufacturer
Year of Establishment 2016
Legal Status Limited Liability Company with Sole Individual Inv
Yearly Business Turnover Approx 2 Million US Dollar
Currency Modes United States Dollar,Hongkong Dollar,Switzerland Franc
Freight Options Delivered Ex-Ship (DES),Delivered at Frontier (DAF),Delivered Duty Paid (DDP),Cost Insurance & Freight (CIF),Freight on Board (FOB)


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