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Latvia Member Since: Jul 11, 2021
Kaspars Kupris
"Lāmiņas", Katlakalns, Ķekavas pag., Ķekavas nov., LV-2111
Riga, Riga, Latvia

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1 200 000


Riga, Latvia

Main Products

Sturgeon Caviar

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Payment Terms

Bank wire (T/T)


Fish farm MOTTRA breeds big variety of fish and produces lot of high quality fish products. But our main product is high quality sturgeon caviar that MOTTRA produces already more than 20 years. MOTTRA goes for sustainable and ecological seafood and don't use any antibiotics, GMO's ar artificial preseravatives in any of MOTTRA products. MOTTRA- healthy and delicios seafood!


MOTTRA Sturgeon Caviar
High quality Sturgeon caviar free of artificial preservatives!
$350-700Eur/kg / kg
10kg kg (Min. Order)
Cold Smoked Sturgeon Fillet, Sliced, “Balyk” 100g
Cold smoked sturgeon fillet, sliced, “Balyk” 100g from MOTTRA LTD | 
$3.5Eur / 100g
100kg 100g (Min. Order)

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's


You can send your inquiry to us about the products. Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours to assist you regarding your inquiry.

You can expect a reply from MOTTRA LTD within less than 42h.

We offer an implied warranty that assures all our products and services function in the manner designed to.

We accept payments via Bank wire (T/T).
We will begin manufacturing when we receive the agreed upon advance payment. The package will be shipped out after we get your full payment.
Throughout the packing process, preventive measures will be taken so that the goods are in an excellent condition while in transit.

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