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Minal Carpet International

Minal Carpet International

Pakistan 1st Year
Street Jalian Wali Wazirabad Pakistan Punjab, Wazirabad, Pakistan
Miraj Deen

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Wazirabad, Pakistan

Main Products

New & Fresh Wiping Rags, Shop Towel, ECRU (Unbleached Hosiery )Terry Towel

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About Minal Carpet International

Established: in 1992, Minal Carpet International has progressively expanded its range of products, since its birth at the heart of its thinking the objective is to provide the world's finest grade rags to the customer around.We are leading manufacturers and exporter of superior quality Towels,Dusters,Wiping cloths, all sort of textile made-ups and janitorial supplies .We regularly serve the best quality product to Paint industry,Marine industry and Automotive


New Cotton Color Wiping Rags
$1.20$ Per Kilo / KGs
125,500 KG KGs (Min. Order)
New Cotton ECRU Wiping Rags
$1.60$ Per Kilo / KGs
12,500 KG KGs (Min. Order)
100% Cotton New Hosiery Single Jersey White Wiping Rags
$1.90$ Per Kilo / KG
12,500 KG (Min. Order)

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