KEDA Industries Inc.

KEDA Industries Inc.

China Member Since: 01 Aug, 2018
Gaoxin Beijing, Beijing, China

Manufacturing Unit

Over the course of years, the company of KEDA Industries Inc. has progressed itself as an emerging production organization having a manufacturing plant area scattered around Approx 2400 Yards. The company generates a manufacturing output worth of Upto 45,000,000 US Dollar per year, and the highest it has gone in generating manufacturing value so far is estimated to around 45500000 $. Company’s reliability can be measured through 16 efficient contracts in 2017 in collaboration with Original Equipment (OEM). The company has successfully incurred 15 personalized branded contracts and 14 buyer label contracts. All of these contracts were achieved in 2017 alone. The production facility at total consists of 5 production units overall, with 1 large, 2 medium, and small-sized production having 2 units respectively. The export operations of the company are managed by 39 People Approximately people while the customer services feedback from our valued clients showed that our services were on point with a rating of 10-Excellent and above. The highly engaged and active 2 Business Days - Responsive response sla and conversing with customers in English, Chinese are other fundamental elements behind the success of this company.

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Gaoxin, Beijing, Beijing, China
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