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Egyptian Herbarium

Egyptian Herbarium

Egypt Member Since: 19 Oct, 2019
114 Zakaria Ghoneim Str., Ibrahimia Al Iskandariyah, Alexandria, Egypt
M. Osman

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Alexandria, Egypt

Main Products

concretes, 100% Pure Natural Organic aromatic raw materials [organic & conventional] (essential oils, absolutes, extracts

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About Egyptian Herbarium

Offering directly from the manufacturer of 100% Pure Natural Organic Essential Oils. Own farms, R&D, in-house laboratory, A/C stores. Processing (steam distillation, solvent extraction, proprietary certified organic extraction). Organic products are certified by CERES GmbH under EU, NOP, JAS and Biodynamic/Demeter.


Organic Geranium Oil
Organic Geranium Oil from Egyptian Herbarium | Model: OGO-3924625 | Price: $US$ 88.00 Per Dozen pair (dzp) | Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg Dozen pair (dzp) | Delivery Time: 3 days | Shipping Port: Egypt | Packaging: Standard | Capacity: large | Certification: tl9000 | Rating: 3.8 (19 reviews).
Price: Inquire
1kg Dozen pair (dzp) (Min. Order)
Organic Sweet Marjoram Oil
Organic Sweet Marjoram Oil from Egyptian Herbarium | Model: OSMO-3924629 | Price: $US$ 58.00 Per New | Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg New | Delivery Time: 3 days | Shipping Port: Egypt | Packaging: Standard | Capacity: high | Certification: iso/ts16949 | Rating: 3.9 (20 reviews).
Price: Inquire
1kg New (Min. Order)
Organic Chamomile Blue Oil
Organic Chamomile Blue Oil from Egyptian Herbarium | Model: OCBO-3924627 | Price: $US$ 660.00 Per kg | Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg kg | Delivery Time: 3 days | Shipping Port: Egypt | Packaging: Standard | Capacity: huge | Certification: fsc | Rating: 1.6 (5 reviews).
Price: Inquire
1kg kg (Min. Order)

Overall Ratings

Very Satisfied 44 Reviews
Supplier Service
Very Satisfied
On-time Shipment
Very Satisfied
Product Quality
Organic Geranium Oil
04 Aug 2020
Organic Geranium Oil
3.8 (19 Reviews)
Organic Sweet Marjoram Oil
26 Jul 2020
Organic Sweet Marjoram Oil
3.9 (20 Reviews)
Organic Chamomile Blue Oil
23 Jul 2020
Organic Chamomile Blue Oil
1.6 (5 Reviews)

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