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Carolina,Puerto Rico

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Thailand organized a trade show event named as Canton Fair in Thailand, in October 2013 . JMI EMIGLOBE DEVELOPMENT TRADING participated in the event will full zeal and commitment to providing quality products to the customers traveling from different parts of the world. Since 2000, the factory has participated in 5 major events like this taking place in Australia,Canada,Ghana,Jamaica,Korea,South,Rwanda and exhibiting products like SUNFLOWER OIL,CANOLA OIL,Skimmed Milk , and many more, etc. From these events, an amount of about Approximate USD 0.44 Million - 22% of Annual Revenue . With an experience

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Main Selling Products:Poultry Meat,Pork Meat,Sugar,Beef Meat

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In recent times, Henan Double Elephants Machinery I/E Co., Ltd. has emerged as the top-ranked Out Sourced with a Approx 2400 Yards unit. The factory possesses manufacturing output up to Upto 4,500,000 US Dollar and achieving 5000000$ worth of manufacturing output throughout the year. The factory’s worth can be estimated through 15 prosperous OEM contracts in 2017, while it has managed 6 own brand contracts in 2017 and 18 buyer label contracts in the same year respectively. Having achieved so much in 2017, the factory had a successful year in generating profits from different sectors of the world

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Main Selling Products:Sesame Seeds,Soybean,Charcoal,Content Marketing


Looking for refined soyabean oil

Dear Sir, It’s Majba From Dhaka, Bangladesh. I Am Interested To Import Fortified Refined Soyabean Oil. It Will Be Used For Cooking Purpose. Initially I Want To Start Business With Your Company And Intended To Order 25 Ton (may Increase). Provide Me The Quotation With The Following Requirements. The Specification Must Be Maintained, Otherwise Bangladesh Customs Will Not Release The Goods. Please Provide Me CIF Value.. Port Of Destination Will Be Chittagong Port, Chittagong, Bangladesh. I Expect Your Response Very Quickly. You Contact With Me In The Following Ways For Further Easy Communication. Email: WhatsApp: +880 1537609994 Skype: Majbaislam3650 Mobile: +8801554480473 REQUIREMENTS:  The Material Should Be Clear And Free From Adulterants, Sediment, Suspended And Other Foreign Matter, Separated Water, And Added Colouring And Flavoring Substances. The Material Shall Have Acceptable Taste And Odour. The Clarity Of The Material Shall Be Judged By The Absence Of Tur Bidity After Keeping The Filtered Sample At 30 °C For 24 Hour.  The Materials Shall Be Free From Admixture With Mineral Or Other Oils Vegetable Or Animal Origin And Halal.  The Material Shall Be Manufactured And Handled According To The Hygienic Requirements ( Ex: ISO, HACCP )  The Product Shall Not Contain Aflatoxin More Than 5µg/litre.  The Material Shall Also Comply With The Requirements Given The Following Tables: REQUIREMENTS FOR FORTIFIED SOYABEAN OIL ( TABLE 1) SL No CHARACTERISTIC REQUIREMENTS SPECIFIC ATTENTION 01 Moisture And Insoluble Impurities, Percent By Mass, Max. 0.1 02 Colour In A 1 Inch (2.54 Cm) Cell On The Lovibond Scale Expressed As Y+5R, Not Deeper Than 7.5 03 Refractive Index At 40 °C 1.4650 – 1.4710 04 Relative Density 20°/20 °C 0.919 – 0.925 05 Saponification Value ( As KOH), Mg/g 189 -195 06 Iodine Value 124 -139 07 Calorie ( Each 100 G Amount) 900 K Cal 08 Cholesterol Nil 09 Sodium Nil 10 Saturated (each 100 G Amount) 15 G 11 Mono Unsaturated (each 100 G Amount) 20 G - 22g 12 Poly Unsaturated (each 100 G Amount) 63 G-65 G 13 Acid Value (as KOH), Mg/g, Max. 0.5 14 Unsaponiable Matter, Percent By Mass, Max. 1.5 15 Peroxide Value, Expressed As Millequivalents Of Oxygen Per Kg, Max. 5.0 16 Flash Point, Pensky – Martins ( Closed), °C, Min. 250 17 Phosphorus Content To Pass The Test No Visible Break On Heating The Oil At 250 °C 18 Vitamin A , Mg/kg 15-30 Maintain Max Value 30 LIMITS FOR HEAVY MEATALS ( TABLE 2) SL No CHARACTERISTIC REQUIREMENTS SPECIFIC ATTENTION 01 Lead (as Pb), Ppm, Max. 0.1 02 Arsenic (as As), Ppm, Max. 0.1 03 Cadmium (Cd), Ppm, Max. 1.0 04 Mercury (total), Ppm, Max. 0.25 05 Iron (as Fe), Ppm, Max. 1.5 06 Copper (as Cu), Ppm, Max. 0.1 PERMITTED FOOD ADDITIVES SL No ANTIOXIDANTS Maximum Use Level SPECIFIC ATTENTION 01 Ascorbyl Palmitate 500mg/kg(singly Or In Combination) 02 Ascorbyl Stearate 03 Tocopherol, D-alpha 300mg/kg(singly Or In Combination) 04 Tocopherol Concentrate, Mixed 05 Tocopherol, Dl-alpha 06 Propyl Gallate 100 Mg/kg 07 Trtiary Butyl Hydroquinone ( TBHQ) 120 Mg/kg 08 Butylated Hydroxyanisole ( BHA) 175 Mg/kg 09 Butylated Hydroxy Tolouine ( BHT) 75mg/kg Any Combination Of Gallates, BHA, Or TBHQ Not To Exceed 200 Mg/kg Within Individual Limits 10 Dilauryl Thiodiproprionate 200 Mg/kg 11 Citric Acid GMP 12 Sodium Dihydrogen Citrate GMP 13 Trisodium Citrate GMP 14 Isopropyl Citrates 100mg/kg (singly Or In Combination) 15 Citric And Fatty Acid Esters Of Glycerol Antifoaming Agents ( Oils For Deep Frying) 01. Polydimethylsiloxane 10 Mg/kg

15 Jul 2018
Import To : Bangladesh
Prefered Country : Bangladesh
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T/T,L/C,D/P,D/A,MoneyGram,Credit Card,PayPal,Western Union,Cash,Escrow
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USD 5000 usd
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Refined Soybean Oil far East Trading Company Limited Puerto Rico 28 Confidential
Refined Soybean Oil SIRICHOTANAN LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Thailand 24 Confidential
Crude Degummed Soybean Oil SIRICHOTANAN LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Thailand 29 Confidential
Refined & crude Soybean Oil & Soya oil cookingRefined Soyabean Oi FINEX TRADING LTD United Kingdom 16 Confidential
refined soya bean oil refined soybean oil FINEX TRADING LTD United Kingdom 26 Confidential
Refined & crude Soybean Oil & Soya oil cookingRefined Soyabean Oi FINEX TRADING LTD United Kingdom 27 Confidential
refined Soybean Oil PAMPLONA ALIMENTOS SA Brazil 30 Confidential
Soybean oil Refined soybean oil PAMPLONA ALIMENTOS SA Brazil 16 Confidential
sunflower seeds rice bran soybean oil extru Henan Double Elephants Machinery I/E Co., Ltd. China 27 Confidential

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