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JAMES OPTICAL is a well-known Manufacturer,Trading Company and Manufacturer of Kids Optical Plastic eyeglasses frame. Officially located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, South Korea, the company is not just restricted towards selling Plastic Eyeglass, but also supplies other products like Plastic Optical Frame,Eyewear Frame,Metal Optical Frame,Light Optical Frames. The starting prices for these Plastic Eyeglass are from USD 4.73 per Pieces being the maximum per unit along with a minimum order quantity 80 Pieces. The preferred shipment location is Pyongyang with production capability up to 300 Pieces and delivery time of approx 10 - 15 Working Days. JAMES OPTICAL is situated in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, South Korea and manufactures and exports the products from South Korea into different parts of the world. Customers have the advantage of making payments through Bank wire (T/T),Letter of Credit (L/C),Doc Against Payment (D/P),Western Union (WU), etc. JAMES OPTICAL is also facilitating its customers with a vast range of freight options like Freight on Board (FOB),Cost & Freight (CFR),Free Carrier (FCA),Carriage Paid To (CPT),Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU), and the customers can pay through different modes of currencies like USD,AUD,HKD, and many more

Wenzhou, South Korea

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