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China Member Since: 19 May, 2019
Number Guangdong, Zhongshan, China

Business Nature


Legal Status

Private Limited

Year Established


Annual Turnover

Above US$100 Million


Zhongshan, China

Main Products

keychains, bottle opener, bag hanger, Gift item, money clip coin bag

Recent Transactions


Payment Terms

Bank wire (T/T), Letter of Credit (L/C), MoneyGram, Credit Card (CC), PayPal, Western Union (WU), Cash

About Artimetals

A renowned name in the Earring Card, Artimetals is currently dealing in keychains,bottle opener,bag hanger,Gift item,money clip coin bag. With an annual turnover of Above US$100 Million, Artimetals is a leading Exporter and Trader selling Earring Card goods and services in different parts of the world since 2010. With 9 year(s) export history, Artimetals claims to have an accumulated export of 5.7 Million USD - 95% of Annual Revenue including the total export market share in Asia = 28% Europe = 22% Americas = 18% Middle East = 32%. The Earring Card industry is yet to make a feasible approach in the European and Oceanic market with zero percent export market share in these continents. Nonetheless, their network is expanding at a considerable pace. Artimetals is from Zhongshan, China, with its head office situated in Guangdong, and with a start-up business capital of worth US$1 Million, the company has been earning a lot of name for its products and services throughout the world. Incorporated in 2010, Artimetals is a Private Limited having Have Own Export License.


RFID cards Animal microchip RFID ear tag RFID reader RFID wristband RFID keyfob
We are exceptional for manufacturing the best earring card in the large scale market value wise. We are introducing overall market with economical prices for earring card and hand & machine tools products created in china. If you are looking for a famous china hand & machine tools products wholesaler that has speciallized in jewellery making tools & machines, then artimetals is the greatest option. artimetals is a renowned corporation in china that is exporting in multinational market.
$0.01 / Pieces
1 Pieces (Min. Order)

Overall Ratings

Very Satisfied 29 Reviews
Supplier Service
Very Satisfied
On-time Shipment
Very Satisfied
Product Quality
Very Satisfied
RFID cards Animal microchip RFID ear tag RFID reader RFID wristband RFID keyfob
17 Oct 2020
RFID cards Animal microchip RFID ear tag RFID reader RFID wristband RFID keyfob
4.7 (29 Reviews)

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